Registering for class schedule has left many university students short of sleep. 
49 học viên Học ngay
Vietnamese authorities have issued a new circular that promulgates the duties, powers, and content of the patrol and inspection of traffic police in the country.
10 học viên Học ngay
The giant turtle of the Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, reportedly died this afternoon, January 19. This is shocking news to Hanoians in particular and Vietnamese in general.
6 học viên Học ngay
The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) does not prohibit students to use Facebook, but the ban has been issued by many schools.
5 học viên Học ngay
  Kaspersky Lab's latest report on spam and phishing in the third quarter shows that the US, Viet Nam and China are the top three countries producing spam.
3 học viên Học ngay
Nguyen Tu Quang and BPhone were the the two names most often mentioned in the Vietnamese technology community in 2015. 
5 học viên Học ngay
Believe it or not: 87 percent of kids in the region use smartphones
7 học viên Học ngay
VinaPhone subscribers in the islands of Phu Quoc and HCM City can use 4G services and pay the charges for the 3G services.
3 học viên Học ngay
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